Advertising Frames Configuration

Advertising Frames Configuration

It is possible to configure up to 8 slots for non-connectable (ADV_NONCONN_IND) advertising frames, with the following properties: 4 slots are dedicated to Eddystone frames, and can be configured as URL, UID, TLM and/or EID (with more slots configurable for the same frame-type, but maximum one Eddystone-EID frame available); additional 4 slots are dedicated to iBeacon frame, Quuppa frame or proprietary Sensors frame (with more slots configurable for the same frame-type).
Each slot can be individually configured with different advertising interval (0.1 to 5 seconds) and transmission power (-40 to +4dBm).

It is also possible to advertise just one iBeacon frame or more simultaneously.
To advertise only one iBeacon frame you just need to configure one slot (any between 5, 6, 7 and 8) in the iBeacon/Other Frames menu. All others slots (including Eddystone slots) must be not set.
It is also possible to broadcast up to 4 iBeacon frames at the same time, each with its own value for UUID, major, minor, and also for advertising period and power.

The same applies to Eddystone-UID and URL frames (theoretically it should be possible also to broadcast multiple Eddystone-TLM, Quuppa or Sensors frames, but it is meaningless). Only 1 Eddystone-EID frame is supported.
To advertise only one Eddystone-URL frame you just need to configure one slot (any between 1, 2, 3 and 4) in the Eddystone menu, with Eddystone-URL frame. All others slots (including iBeacon/Other Frames slots) must be not set.

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