Beacons ranging accuracy

Beacons ranging accuracy

Ranging with beacons is based on the value of RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator), i.e., the value of the RF signal received by your smartphone. The received signal is strongly affected by several parameters, such as the relative orientation and position of your smartphone relative to the beacon, the presence of the human body, reflection and diffraction from the environment (especially metallic structures), and more. Thus RSSI cannot provide an exact measure of distance in a complex environment (it should be true in an ideal free-space scenario), but just a rough estimation of the proximity of your smartphone to the transmitting beacon. Moreover, consider that the accuracy strongly depends on advertising interval. Nevertheless, beacon proper installation may guarantee a partial improvement in ranging performance: please contact us for suggestions on this aspect.

As for Quuppa Technology, besides the RSSI value it uses the Angle of Arrival estimation to better determine a beacons location. The radio signal is received by a Locator that estimates the Angle of Arrival of the signal itself.

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