BlueBeacon beacons distinctive radio features

BlueBeacon beacons distinctive radio features

BlueBeacon series devices have state-of-art radio performances, superior to most of the beacon devices in commerce. This result is guaranteed by a series of technological choices which were adopted on BlueBeacon:
- Use of award-winning nRF51822 and nRF52832 radio SoCs from Nordic, that offer superb radio and energy consumption performance;
- Meandered PIFA (Planar Inverted F Antenna) printed antenna, that offers superior performance in terms of gain compared with commonly adopted chip antennas;
- Antenna designed to be impedance-matched in the presence of the plastic enclosure, thereby reducing reflection losses;
- (for nRf51822-based devices) RF matching network based on a single chip (balun), which reduces the insertion losses with respect to conventional matching networks based on discrete elements.

Thanks to these solutions, BlueBeacon devices transmit a higher power level by a factor of 2 to 4 compared to competing devices, assuming the same RF power transmitted by the radio chip. This allows to reduce the transmitted power by the chip, with a consequent reduction in current consumption and, therefore, increase of the operating life of the batteries. Moreover, a higher power level ensures better signal stability at the receiver and an increase in the transmission range.

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