Developer Resources

Developer Resources

Below are listed all the categories and links of development resources.

Bluetooth Low Energy
  1. Specifications
    1.  Bluetooth Core Specification
  2. iOS
    1. Bluetooth for Developers
    2. Core Bluetooth Programming Guide
    3. Core Bluetooth API References
  3. Android
    1. Bluetooth LE for Android
    2. Android Bluetooth LE API
BlueBeacon-specific developement resources
  1. iOS
    1. iOS SDK: documentation
    2. iOS SDK: BlueBeacon beacons scanning and GATT connection
    3. iOS SDK: demo app
  2. Android
    1. Android SDK: BlueBeacon beacon scanning

  1. Specifications
    1. iBeacon Specifications
  2. iOS
    1. Getting Stareted with iBeacon
    2. Apple Developer - iBeacon
    3. Core Location Framework Reference
    4. AirLocate: Ucing CoreLocation to monitor, range, and configure your device as an iBeacon
    5. Fix for AirLocate (iOS>8)
  3. Android
    1. Generic library for BLE beacons including iBeacon (AltBeacon)
    2. iBeacon scanner for Android
  4. Cross-platforms (Cordova, Xamarin, ...)
    1. Cordova iBeacon plug-in
    2. Cordova iBeacon plug-in (GitHub)
    3. An iBeacon plug-in for Phonegap / Cordova 3.x and upwards
    4. Android iBeacon service for Xamarin
    5. Flutter Beacons plug-in
  1. Specifications
    1. Eddystone specifications
    2. Eddystone Configuaration GATT Service
    3. Eddystone - UID frame format
    4. Eddystone - URL frame format
    5. Eddystone - TLM frame format
    6. Eddystone - EID frame format
  2. iOS
    1. iOS Eddystone scanner (Obj-C and Swift)
  3. Android
    1. Generic library for BLE beacons including Eddystone (AltBeacon)
    2. Eddystone scanner
  4. Cross-platforms (Cordova, Xamarin, ...)
    1. Cordova / Phonegap plug-in for Eddystone beacons

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