Eddystone specifications

Eddystone specifications

Eddystone is an open beacon format from Google for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons. The Eddystone specification includes a number of broadcast frame types: UID, URL, TLM.

The Eddystone-UID frame broadcasts an opaque, unique 16-byte Beacon ID composed of a 10-byte namespace ID and a 6-byte instance ID. The Beacon ID may be useful in mapping a device to a record in external storage. The namespace ID may be used to group a particular set of beacons, while the instance ID identifies individual devices in the group.

The Eddystone-URL (the backbone of the Physical Web) frame broadcasts a URL using a compressed encoding format in order to fit more within the limited advertisement packet.

The Eddystone-TLM frame broadcasts telemetry information about the beacon itself such as battery voltage, device temperature, and counts of broadcast packets.

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