LocateBLE Introduction

LocateBLE Introduction

LocateBLE is the optimal tradeoff between cost and performance, for real-time estimate of presence and position of people and assets in operating environments.
Fixed BLE locators use smart antennas that reduce multipath effects, allowing for a more stable RSSI (Received Signal Strenght Indicator) computation. A positioning engine, based on trilateration algorithms, provide reliable estimate of BLE tag position with accuracy of a few meters.

LocateBLE main features are:
• Location accuracy. Typical positioning accuracy around 3 m. Accuracy demands can vary from one area to another and can be controlled by altering the number (density) of antennas (accuracy tipically ranges from 1/4 to 1/3 of antenna inter-distance).
• Refresh rate. Location update rate of up to 1 sec and latency up to 1+ sec. Update rate and latency are excellent for all use cases where (position-time) information is required (e.g. tracking of assets, access control, room presence control, ...).
• Integration with third-party systems. LocateBLE is easy to integrate into existing systems with pull APIs, that offer standard JSON/REST format.
• Fixed wired antennas. Wired anchors available in several options: LAN for data communication, 5Vdc for power; WLAN for data communication, 5Vdc for power; PoE LAN for both power and data communication.
• Battery Tag BLE. Long battery-lifetime tags: power consumption of the BLE tags are optimized for low energy consumption.
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