RTLS Introduction

RTLS Introduction

BlueUp offers devices and solutions for RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems). BlueUp is specialized in technological solutions for localization in a limited area (LAPS, Local Area Positioning System). The acronym LAPS generalizes the concept of Indoor Positioning System (IPS) and refers to systems capable of locating and tracking people and/or objects in a spatially limited context, which can be indoor (e.g. office buildings, hospital, warehouse ), outdoor (e.g. vehicle parking) or indoor/outdoor hybrid (e.g. a production plant with an external storage area). LAPS systems allow not only to acquire position information, but also data relating to the state (movement, impact or fall event) or physical or environmental parameters, through appropriate integrated sensors.
The wireless technology that enables the solutions proposed by BlueUp is Bluetooth Low Energy which, compared to other technologies on the market, emerges for a series of prerogatives: flexibility, scalability, low cost, reduced consumption, market penetration, integrability with IoT systems. The technological offer of BlueUp includes three different solutions (which can also be integrated with each other to create hybrid infrastructures) which differ in localization algorithms, system architecture, performance, price, in order to respond to the different market need: MeshCube, LocateBLE and AccuRTLS.
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